eForest Services

Corporate Forest Advisory & Outsourcing

Project management of forestry processes

We design, coordinate, manage and supervise forest-based activities to ensure you comply with the terms of your forest license and internal QHSE policies and procedures, including:

Inventory design, logistics planning, field surveys, data analysis and reporting, production of tree felling / hazardous tree maps.
Planning of felling operations, training in chainsaw maintenance and felling techniques, use of tree maps to improve operator safety, felling supervision, and log crosscutting.
Site evaluation, species selection, nursery & seedling development, out-planting, rehabilitation monitoring, beating up, tree maintenance and reporting.
Log measurement, log administration & reporting, internal log tracking & stock reporting, and calculation of forest royalties.
Timber processing for internal requirements, wood chipping, and where desired partial cost recovery through sawn timber sales.
HCV identification & reporting, HCV management & monitoring system development, integration in to Client HSE policies and procedures.
Monitoring design, indicator selection, baseline surveys, monitoring & evaluation, management recommendations & reporting.
Image and data sourcing, GIS layer development and analysis, forest interpretation, ground verification, and map production in support of project needs.
Identification of community stakeholders, facilitator appointment, social baseline surveys, conflict mapping, road map development, participatory mapping of village boundaries, documentation of village regulations, participatory mapping of village land use zones, development of CFM agreements, strengthening of local community institutions, monitoring and evaluation of CFM Agreement terms & conditions. Management of Forest Certification Processes.
If your company is interested in outsourcing any of these processes please e-mail us at info@eforest.co.id.